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Apostolic Worship Around The World




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Our Lord still has a people for his name's sake.  These are One God Holy Ghost filled people who are baptized in the wonderful name of Jesus, living in true victory and enjoying the  wonderful truth that so called mainstream religion avoids.  You do not have to be lost.  Please pay attention the message here in the songs and testimonies. Consider Acts 2:38.  Ask  the question that was asked in Acts 2:37 - Obey Acts 2:38 - Enjoy the promise of Acts 2:39.  You are responsible for you.  Nobody else will do this for you, and it is your soul that will live forever somewhere.  Only you can make this eternal choice that will determine your destiny.



Your donations are used for outreach.  Please team up with us and let's go all out for Jesus. The world is in trouble, and multitudes are looking for answers.  We have the answers, and God wants to use us to help people all over this world to be saved. Souls are at our fingertips right now.