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Ren Rutledge Broadcasting 24/7 Presenting Hope In A Troubled World

 All things are possible for believers.  Hang on and listen to this global Network of Ren Rutledge Stations. Good things are ready to happen for you.  Are you tired of being confused and hurting?  There is hope for you.  Please consider the possibility that there may be a real answer that can help you to rise above the trouble in your life and claim your victory.  You can enjoy a happy life starting now.  We cannot change the past, but we can begin a new life today, and from this point forward your past is left behind.   As soon as you have made your choice to allow God to be your answer, you will have every reason to be happy and rejoice.  What do you have to lose?  Open up your heart, and allow yourself to consider the good news provided on this global radio station as Ren Rutledge presents spoken words and songs with positive thoughts  in an effort to help you to find new reasons to expect greater days ahead.