World Pulpit

The gospel of Jesus Christ is as close as the click of a mouse.

For several years I have been very busy and heavily involved with internet ministries. Millions of people all over the world have been exposed to the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ. We have worked very hard to provide encouraging words and inspiration with live and recorded streams of audio and video as well as news letters and many blogs to help them to find hope in our troubled world. We have been blessed over and over as reports of salvation. healing and miracle reports have flooded our various email accounts and social network private messages. God has truly blessed this internet outreach, and we are very grateful.

I praise the Lord for souls that we have helped to find a local pastor who was willing to work with us and help these new people find salvation.  Each time a pastor calls and tells us about another family getting baptized and receiving the Holy Ghost as a result of this internet ministry, I rejoice with exceeding joy knowing that we are in a wonderful position to make ourselves available for the cause of Jesus.  We have found that thousands of souls do not have a local Church and some of them live in countries where they are not allowed to assemble for Christian worship or prayer. There are many horror stories that have often brought us to our knees, and we are reminded over and over that there is a need for much fasting and prayer for our brothers and sisters around the world.  Through the years we have met with hundreds of home bound people who are thankful for this internet inspiration as they are unable to go anywhere due to unfortunate circumstances.

During this time when the world seems to be falling apart I feel a calling from God to cry out more than ever to the inhabits of the earth… “THERE IS STILL HOPE IN GOD, AND THE LIGHT OF THE GOSPEL IS STILL HERE TO HELP HURTING HUMANITY EVERYWHERE..."

I am looking for partners and friends to join me in an effort to expand this ministry as I prepare with God’s help to provide an easy way for people in every country on earth to have instant access to hope and help in the name of the Lord Jesus. Everything that is available in the work of God can be accessed on more than two billion mobile phones and billions of computers. The opportunity to win the lost to Jesus Christ is greater than we have ever known in the history of mankind. God has called for workers in the harvest field, and I feel an urgent call in my life to follow the leading of the Lord into this new year as God prepares the way for a world wide revival of millions of souls discovering the truth that sets people free.

Will you please join me as we move forward on this pathway of faith to see what God will have us to do next?

If you are interested in being part of this exciting worldwide Holy Ghost move of God, Please contact me as soon as possible.  Just fill out the form below.  In the message part of the form please write some details such as... What country or state do you live in?  Do you use Skype?  Are you on facebook  twitter linkedin youtube etc?    Would you like to have a phone call so we can talk about possibilities etc...?  Share some of your testimony about what God has done for you... Feel free to send additional forms if you run out of space...The more details you provide the quicker we can get involved and find some direction as we pray for the leading of the Lord as God helps us to establish a way for you to get involved as a witness for the cause all over the world by using your mobile phone or computer.   After you have filled out the form just click send and wait until you hear from me. I will get in touch with you to update you and discuss possibilities as soon as possible.   I AM EXCITED!!!  LET'S DO THIS!!!

God bless all of my Friends.  Ren Rutledge

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