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Preaching Machine 1 - Apostolic Preachers On Fire


These ministers are preaching the truth of the Bible, not necessarily the interpretations of so called mainstream religion.  If you are tired of the false ways of traditional religion and ready to seek for the truth, please pay close attention to these messages, study the Bible and pray. God will help you.  Don't you think it is important to know the truth concerning salvation? There are thousands of TRUTH messages at Please visit that site often, and let the truth set you free from sin and false ways while you still have breath. You are always welcome to get in touch with pastor Ren Rutledge for more direction. We have thousands of minister friends all over this world, and it will be our great pleasure to introduce you to a good pastor nearest to you where you can go to a real Church and find true salvation.  If you are ready to take that step, please e-mail Ren Rutledge.  LET'S GET STARTED TODAY. 


Your donations are used for outreach.  Please team up with us and let's go all out for Jesus. The world is in trouble, and multitudes are looking for answers.  We have the answers, and God wants to use us to help people all over this world to be saved. Souls are at our fingertips right now.