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Old TV Shows


When i was a child I enjoyed the Mickey Mouse Club, Gun Smoke, The Lawrence Welk Show, The Three Stooges, Roy Rogers, The Cisco Kid, The Honeymooners  and many more.  I remember those days when i would go to the neighbor's house and spend the entire day just watching those shows.  My parents didn't have to worry about me, because they knew that television and radio had some standards in those days.  Today, TV radio and internet can be very nasty, and I don't believe my parents would have been comfortable allowing me to spend all day on at the neighbor's house watching tv.  To tell you the truth, if television back then would have been like the nasty programs of today, I don't think I would would have been interested.  I am concerned about people today watching tv and messing up their minds with thoughts of lust as they feast on swear words and nudity  on movies, news programs, and family shows.  Parents today should set the standards.  I suggest that parents should help their children to be interested in things that will help them, and set the example of staying away from tv by kicking television out the door, and also check the earphones to see what your kids listening to on those little gadgets they carry around.  It is difficult to be a parent today, but parents can help if they will not just go along with the flow.  Somebody needs to stand up against this stuff.  Thank God for some Church groups which have attempted to stand against tv through the years.  We all need to get back to God.  If you want to enjoy some of those old tv shows, I am providing them here.  I enjoy them myself, but I am in no way trying to promote television as it is in the world today.  TV is disgusting, and even if you are a sinner, you don't need to sit in front of a tv all day.  You will become what you eat and think about.