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Testimonies And Songs From Norwich Tabernacle



In 1995 I was a single parent arriving in Norwich, Connecticut along with my two daughters, Melodie and Michelle.   I felt that God had called me to start a ministry in Connecticut that would reach around the world. This only made sense to God, because I had no reason to think this venture would be successful.  When we arrived in this place where we had never been before, it was snowing and very cold outside, Several people we met were unfriendly, We ran out of gas and had only one dollar to start out on this venture of answering the Call of God. There have been many adventures along the way, and there is not enough space on this site to include all the wonderful details.  Just watch this video as I keep adding content to it. These video clips are in no certain order, and some of them are very non-professional, but they will give you a glimpse of how we have been blessed on this impossible mission in Norwich, Connecticut for 26 years serving the God who never fails.


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