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We met Vickie ten years ago through the internet ministry at Norwich Tabernacle.  She had been told by her doctors that she only had about three weeks to live.  Cancer had invaded her life, and not only did Vickie have cancer, but cancer had Vickie.  She had brain cancer, liver cancer, bone cancer, breast cancer, throat cancer, stomach cancer.  The cancer tumor on her stomach was about 60 pounds.  There was no hope, and they had sent her home to die. During that three week period we banded together with Vickie and thousands of friends and contacts on the internet in much prayer.  Prayer to God was something new for Vickie.  She had spent most of the years of her life as an active member of a satanic cult which was totally anti Christ.  We helped Vickie find a Church near her in Oklahoma City.  A few days later she went to that Church, and both she and her son, were baptized in the name of Jesus.  Vickie and her son received the experience of the Holy Spirit that day speaking in tongues as the Spirit of God gave the the sign of his presence through the blessing unknown tongues.

Vickie continues to astonish doctors and all the medical people who have worked  with her through these years.  We have witnessed Vickie recovering from death many times, and we have witnessed her being unable to speak because of many strokes she has experienced during these years.  We were told that she would never speak again after one of her strokes, and when Vickie tried to talk we could not understand her.  We prayed, and Vickie instantly recovered and was able to speak normal.  Two weeks later   I went to Oklahoma City and took my recording equipment.  Vickie made a Christian Music CD that week, and people all over the world have enjoyed that CD through the years.  Vickie also made a DVD while I was with her.  Three of her DVDS are on this page including the DVD with all the details of the impossible trip she took to be with us in Church at Norwich, Connecticut.  They drove 1700 miles just to be in the Church that brought her to God through the internet.  Her medical staff said it could not happen but it did, and we were all blessed in a mighty way.  You can watch these DVDs now right here  Just pause the Vickie_TV and click on these DVDs.  Each one is almost two hours long, but it will be worth your time.






The blue and white van in this video was a gift from a stranger after Vickie saw the van parked in a driveway and told God that she wanted it.  The Lovejoy family drove this van from Oklahoma City to Norwich - 1700 miles including the wrong roads.