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Life Changers - People Who Hang In There




Please forward this video to your friends and contacts.  There are many answers on this channel coming from people who have found answers and are making a difference.




A deaf - mute young lady wins a championship award after riding on a horse that she has only been training for 20 days.  This young lady's father passed away just four days before she started training with this horse.  This is not her horse, but she is training it for another person.  She rides without a saddle, and this is truly a strong voice coming from the heart of young lady who cannot speak.  She says more with this awesome moment than many of us can say with all our words in a lifetime..   She hears a sound greater than the cheer of a crowd...a inner awareness that has caused her to understand  that we can overcome regardless of the circumstances. What is stopping you from being able to overcome your difficulties today? 


Your gift can make a difference for thousands of people in many places.  Our cause has been established for many years, and we are doing all we can find to do to make a difference for people who are down and hurting. There is never enough money to go around.  We are a small group of Christians located in Norwich Connecticut. We meet for worship on Main Street in downtown Norwich, Connecticut.  In the past we have been blessed by seeing many lives changed as a result of stepping out on faith with no money to start out with.  This outreach ministry was started in 1984 will one dollar and an automobile on the side of the road out of gas.  In 1998 I went to Tartarstan Russia and delivered thousands of Russian Bibles to leaders of a Christian network with about 35,000 members.  Only one person in the entire network previously owned a Bible.  This started out with no money, but people with willing hearts came forward and donated to the cause making it possible for this to happen.  In 1995 We were on the internet trying to broadcast with a computer that we had purchased for more than $2000.00.  When we decided to buy that computer we had no money.  People of faith came forward and even though we knew nothing about computers we started out by faith.  Through the years people from all walks of life have seen the vision of this small group of people in Connecticut and came forward to help in moments when it seemed impossible that we could move forward.  In the year 1999 We found ourselves owning and managing the Apostolic Network which has developed into a large international ministry requiring a lot of money each month.  We are helping starving people in Africa to be able to eat and many lives have been saved from starvation by people of faith coming forward.  Doctors in Oklahoma City have told us many times that the only thing keeping Vickie Lovejoy alive is the faith of this little group of people and her connection to this group.  Vickie was told that she had less than three weeks to live when she discovered our network on the internet and found us broadcasting live and offering hope regardless of what the problem may be.  Vickie had been in a Satanic cult for most of her life and had no connection to Christians.  Because of the faith of people connected to this network and the power of prayer Vickie is still alive today and we have been able to witness many undeniable miracles in her life for the past 13 years.  Since that day in 1999 when we first heard Vickie speak to us on an internet connection Vickie has made CDs, and Several DVDs and has travelled 1700 miles to be with this little group of people.  She made plans to come here when she had no money, and her body was full of cancers including a milignant cancer on her stomach that weighed about 60 pounds.  It was impossible for this to happen right up until the week of the event that was scheduled here in Connecticut that Vickie wanted to be present for.  Then suddenly she was given hundreds of dollars from cancer patients  and friends who wanted to see her make the trip.  She had no vehicle that could make this trip.  Suddenly a man the she did not know gave her a beautiful blue van and she along with her husband and son arrived here in Norwich with no money, but they had made it, and we all rejoiced.  Just before it was time for Vickie to return to Oklahoma City people of faith came forward and gave her and her family enough cash to make the trip back home.  Today Vickie is still blessing the lives of millions of people around the world, and I remain her pastor as she continues to be a witness to the lost and hurting people on the internet. There are hundreds and even thousands of similar testimonies just like this that I could share.

Here we are again with no money, and almost all the people here have no jobs.  The overhead is more than $5000.00 per month, and the vision to do what we feel to do for people around the world could easily run into millions of dollars. Nobody here takes a salary for the work we do including myself.  I have no home, no job, no income, no retirement plans, no security, no savings and all I have at this moment on me is one dollar.  I am quite sure that I will give that dollar to somebody before the day ends, because many people around us have nothing at all.  I am happy with this life, and I am not complaining, because I know what happens when people pray and have faith. 

For this reason I have provided this Donation button below, and I am asking you to pray and give.  No amount will be too much.  Thank you in advance for helping us with your faith and action during this time for moving forward.

God bless

Ren Rutledge