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Sun gods, moon gods, trinity gods are not God.  There is one God, and God is not divided, nor will he ever be. The same God the prophet wrote about..."UNTO US A CHILD IS BORN, UNTO US A SON IS GIVEN..." is the same Holy one that spoke everything into creation by the power of his Word which was later made flesh and was given God's own salvation name above all names. Through the power of that name God was going to save his people from sin. No devils, no religions, and no false teaching about God would ever have power to keep God from demonstrating his power to save through his name.  Jesus is the mighty God and the everlasting Father who was the Word of God that spoke light into the darkness, and he continues to be the same Word that was in the beginning with God and was God.  The Spirit of the mighty God created his own Son in the womb of a virgin while manifesting the power of the Holy Spirit of God which later walked Jesus Christ on the water. Jesus is the same Word who made the sun, the moon and the stars. Jesus explained  this to a dull of hearing group of listeners before he was mocked and murdered by those who hear him and would not believe that he really was in the Father and the Father was in the Son.  Today millions of so called Christians are still trying to destroy the true Word of God as they go forward singing and preaching about a false and powerless idol invented in the minds of corrupt sinners 325 AD.  Jesus will have no other person beside him to be known as the real God, nor will the Father have any other being beside him whether it be spirit or flesh that can possibly ever be God no matter what any council may try in any century.  God never changes, and when the Word was made flesh, God remained the same as he was and still is and shall always be. God was and is the eternal Spirit who is not a man that he should lie. Our true God never changes even when his only begotten son is dead inside a borrowed tomb. The Spirit of the almighty God was in the Son. That Spirit had given his only begotten Son the name of the Father that that would bring him back to life.  God gave this WORD MADE FLESH that same name which is the name of the Holy Spirit that was and is the Heavenly Father who will never save anybody anywhere through any other name.  Do you agree that God the Father gave us the Son?  Do you also agree that the Holy Ghost (taught by sinners to be the the third equal in power person of the godhead) overshadowed the virgin causing her to bring forth the Son of the Holy Ghost?  Jesus is the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost,  because of God's plan of salvation which exalts the  name of the Heavenly Father to the highest level in all creation which is JESUS. The mighty power of this Spirit of the eternal creator brought Jesus Christ out of the tomb on the third day and gave him all power in Heaven and in earth.  That Spirit of the one and only true God our Father was in the Son which was the Word made flesh.  The Holy Ghost is the power of the Almighty Spirit that made us and even the devil knows that there is only one God and that there has never been nor will there ever be any two or three beings of any kind that the True God will share his power and glory with in any godhead.  There can never be a co-equal with the true God. He and he alone is mighty to save and mighty to heal.  When you know this and declare it, you will be rejected by most people in this world who think they are saved while praising a false idea which was planted in their hearts and minds by  corrupt sinners under the influence of an anti_Christ spirit which is destined to burn forever along with all who have bowed down to his corrupt three person lie forever and ever.



The Spirit of our Mighty God still creates new creations when people believe on his salvation name.  That is why we speak the name of Jesus in baptism while idol worshipers continue to deny the only  name that saves as they try to prove that they are correct in the sinful tradition of ungodly  idol worship to a three person god who is just as false as Santa Claus and the sun god.  Preachers lie to entire congregations about the gods, while Jesus name people speak truth through the power of the name of the Holy Spirit which remains what he was even when he was the Word robed in flesh and yet without sin. No matter what traditional so called mainstream religion claims, there remains only one name above every name in Heaven or on earth. Every knee will bow to this one and only God who sits on the right hand of majesty and power of the Almighty Spirit that created us and instructed us to repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus so we could get sin out of our lives through the power of the blood that stained a cross so that the death of the man that had manifested the power and Spirit of the creator of all things would not be in vain. Sooner or later every tongue will confess that the one they called the second person of the godhead is really the first and the last.  Jesus is the mighty God and everlasting Father who is above all and in all who receive the power of the Holy Ghost and get buried with Christ in the NAME of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost which is Jesus. Some people call me Jesus Only, and that just makes me smile.  I know that they are showing disrespect when they do that, and they think that they are impressing their gods,  nevertheless this fact remains true.  The only people who know the power of the name and refuse the trinity lie are able to enjoy the understanding that comes with truth that sets us free to deny the false three person lie about God.  Jesus is that one and only name, and the trinity lie will go away when all those who worshiped that false idol start burning in the hell that was prepared for their father who told them that lie about God.  Amen.