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Van Project



1200 Powerful Apostolic Messages on 12 Mp3 CDs. 


This is a $300.00 value for a donation of only $150.00

This offer is for a limited time.  If you see these words, you can still receive 12 CDs filled with 1200 powerful Apostolic messages preached by well know Apostolic preachers and provided in MP3 format on CDs.  These messages will play on your computer or on MP3 players that can be purchased at Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and many other places.  Actually, If these CDs were provided in a format for regular CD players, only one message would be on each CD and the price for 1200 messages on 1200 CDs would be $12,000. Therefore, for a donation in the amount of only $150.00 or more you will be actually be receiving Twelve Thousand Dollars Worth of absolutely wonderful moments on CDs that you can treasure for the rest of your life.  This offer will be removed in a few days.  Grab it while you can, because we need a van as soon as possible for the Church. Please feel free to   CONTACT REN RUTLEDGE.    You are always welcome to call my mobile phone at any time.   (860)237-1765

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