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Van Project




This exciting DVD is filled with TWO HOURS of songs testimonies and special moments of praise.  People who love to praise the Lord in Spirit and in Truth will love this DVD. This special DVD is your  gift from us when you donate 25.00 or more to help us on our Van Project .  In an effor to let you know how much we really do appreciate your gift to us, we will also send you TWO ADDITIONAL DVDS two hours each filled with more exciting songs testimonies and very special moments of praise and worship.   THREE DVDS - TOTAL OF SIX HOURS will be sent to you within 48 hours after we receive your donation of $25.00 or more.  This package is worth at least $75.00 and,  you will be praising God while you watch them with your family and friends within a week from the time you make your donation.  I cannot express enough to you how wonderful these DVDs are.  Just make sure you get in on this. You are always welcome to CONTACT REN RUTLEDGE .  My mobile phone number is (860)237-1765

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