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In order to know that we are saved we must not only believe on the Lord, but God requires everybody to repent and turn away from sin.  Allow God to help us come clean with a made up mind to serve the Lord and forsake the sinful ways of humanity.  It is absolutely necessary that we must be baptized in water in the name of Jesus.  otherwise the nasty since we have been involved with through the years will follows us all the days of our lives and all the way to hell where we will be in torment forever with the punishment that prepared for the devil and all that follow after that snake.  We must have the power to be able to live for God, and God has provided his Spirit to give us that power.  We all need the Holy Ghost, and then we still must stay Holy and pure in the eyes of God until the end.  Only those who endure until the end will be saved.  Only a remnant will make it.  Multitudes are following the tricks of Satan and almost all people who call themselves Christians are lost  and and accepting false ways that have been handed down by false religions through the years.  Do you want to be saved?  Really saved?  Do you want to go to Heaven.  Are you sure?  Then open your Bible and read the question in Acts 2:37.  Find your answer in Acts 2:38, and enjoy your promise in Acts 2:39.  Then you will really appreciate these wonderful songs filled with power, and you will worship your Lord God while you enjoy fellowship with these real Christian who really do believe on the Lord unto salvation.