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Norwich Tabernacle is a local assembly in Norwich, Connecticut founded in 1985 by Ren Rutledge.  Norwich Tabernacle is also a world outreach center and home of the Apostolic Network with multiple websites and thousands of audio and video blogs plus many live streaming Audio and Video Global  stations running 24/7 and touching millions of lives everywhere on earth where people can tune in to internet.  The cost is very high to maintain this ministry, and somehow God keeps us going with miracles when it seems impossible to go forward. We need you to pray about becoming part of another miracle to keep this ministry moving forward and expanding.  There is a real cause involved, and thousands of souls have come to truth through this heart touching ministry, and thousands are on the way.   

Our reason for being on the internet is the direct result of fasting and prayer.  We are convinced that we were directed by the Lord Jesus Christ to reach out in this way years ago when the internet went public.  Our purpose on the internet is to win souls to the truth of the Word of God and help them get established with a good pastor in a truth Church.  There is power in the name of Jesus, and there is a mighty God who will reveal himself to people with sincere hearts all over this world.  

If you prefer to send a check please make your checks and money orders payable to Church At Norwich and mail to Ren Rutledge - 207 Main Street - Norwich, CT. 06360.  We sincerely appreciate your help in winning the lost to Jesus.  The harvest is great, but it difficult to find anybody who wants to take part in spreading the news around the world.  We have no doubt that the Mighty God in Christ will bless you as you give.